Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Technology ROCKS!!!

Ok, So I am later than what I wanted to be in updating my blog, it  has been a crazy busy week here at th Role 3....lots of casualties..... A great moment in any parent's life is being able to be at their child's graduation..... I unfortunately though that i would miss my son's graduation.... wait for it......through the amazing use of technology and a wonderful group of friends, I was able to "be" there and see my son's entire graduation, see him walk across the stage, receive his diploma, and then congratulate him afterwards........ How.... well, my wonderful husband brought his ipad to the ceremony and friends of ours used their cell phone to create a wifi hot spot, put the phone in his pocket and he went down to the fence where we were able to skype and I had a front row viewing. It was 0330 in the morning here in  Afghanistan and  i was sitting on the stes right outside my barracks room. How absolutely cool was that??  truly a memory and milestone I did not have to miss!!! and here is the photo that has amazed all: my husband holding me up (in PT gear)......
and here is what I am looking at: my son graduating!!!!!

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