Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Another week down....

Wow! It is amazing to me how quickly the time can go by. Of course, out here you tend to get yourself into a "routine" as much as possible. So many things have gone on, we have been slow (no casualties), busy(some) and unreal turnin' and burnin'- unfortunately a mass casualty. It's like going into autopilot mode and you just keep going until the last one is cared for and resting soundly.... then you look at the clock and it's like "where did the day go?"

Several important days have gone past, Father's Day where I left my husband with our kids... funny enough, they made the front page of our local paper because we have kindof a reverse family in town. Everyone is used to the dad deploying as Marines, not too many are used to the mom going. I guess after our last story about Skyping graduation, they thought it would make a good Father's Day story.... here is their front page..
kinda cool!

I was glad they were able to have a great day!!! Back here in Afghanistan, not so much, we have had a couple rocket attacks and yesterday was one of those mass casualty days..... and to top it off, it was my birthday which I didn't even realize until the end of the day when I was finishing everything in the aftermath of all the traumas..... My joke about the date/day is that i only know what it is because my watch tells me so, well we hit the Role 3 and immediately went into trauma mode and that for me means my watch comes off so it doesn't get too soiled.....soooooo I could not look down and see the date. Funny thing is.... I didn't miss not celebrating, out here it is just another day. We dont have standard weekdays, just work and call days......
    Hoping everything is going well back home, I am sure it is. Looking forward to hearing my son's concert from ECU band camp.... 2nd chair, Top Band (GOLD)!!  can't wait!!!!


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