Sunday, May 27, 2012


Ok, so after traveling for over 26hrs, multiple time zone changes, we are holding steady in Kyrgyzstan! Where you may ask??? I thought the same thing and then thought wow!!!! how ignorant I felt having to look on the maps to find this location...... a deployment project to beef up my world geography....
I will have more info on this area after I venture out tday!!

Since today is Memorial Day... I would just like to honor all the men and women in uniform!!!!! When we left South Carolina, the mos AMAZING group of people did some AMAZING things for us!!! the USO of South Carolina and all the Task Force Marshal Volunteers should be commended for their generosity and time given to us.  We received  full police and motorcycle escort with flags flying all the way from Camp McCrady to the Airport. Then, all the volunteers fed us pizza, juice, water, and all sorts of goodies.... tallked with us, wished us all the best, and were so supportive!!!!! the Boy Scouts, VFW Post and American Legion were making gifts for us and were just AWESOME!!!! What a sendoff and they do this every few weeks!!!!! the Communities of Ft. jackson, columbia, and lexington are very wonderful folks, looking forward to going back down there just to visit.

Now for some more coffee and venturing out to see what this base has to offer!!!


  1. Hi Anne. Learned about your blog through I look forward to reading more of your post. Hope you do get your Tiger Rock TDK practice back on track. Be safe and take care as you care for others.

  2. thank you debbie, i sure will try my best!